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Reviewing the Laws

Our services

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Francis Legal Works and Law Firm is one of the leading legal institutions in Egypt and the Arab world


• Preparing, drafting and revising contracts, agreements and memorandums of understanding of all kinds, whether in the international or local field;

• For example :

• Joint venture agreements

• Shareholder support agreements

• Loan contracts
• Supply contracts
• Share mortgage contracts
• Reserve account contracts
• Share sale contracts

Real estate

Francis Law Firm and International Legal Consultations has real estate management at the highest level, as it includes lawyers with great experience, in addition to a large team of specialists who deal with all real estate registration offices in most governorates throughout Egypt. It has served many of its clients with regard to their real estate requirements including buying, selling and renting lands and buildings.
We also provide clients with a service to recover real estate properties, which have been previously seized and properties purchased fraudulently by third parties. Completion of the official registration of confirmed ownership provisions with the competent real estate authorities, as the company ensures that its clients’ properties are officially registered with the competent real estate office.

International legal services

We have contractual and twin relationships with many specialized law firms at the regional and international levels through our alliances and cooperative relationships to provide legal services abroad.

​​الخدمات القانونية الدولية


• Francis Law Firm and International Legal Consultations has one of the most efficient litigation departments in Egypt, as it has dealt with many cases before all types and degrees of courts. This makes it enjoy a good reputation for dealing in commercial and other lawsuits.

• In addition to providing legal advice on local and international judicial disputes, the company represents its clients in all aspects and stages of litigation.

• The work team conducts an integrated legal study on the client’s legal situation and identifies both the strengths and weaknesses of his legal position, as well as representing clients in litigation before the State Council, economic courts, criminal courts, the Court of Cassation, and the Supreme Constitutional Court/.

Establishing companies

• Providing services for establishing all types of financial companies, partnerships, sole corporations, branches of foreign companies, representative offices, liaison offices, and scientific offices.

• Registration of companies in (the commercial registry, the industrial registry, the Capital Market Authority, the Stock Exchange, commercial agents, the registry of exporters and importers, financial leasing and private sector contractors, the Egyptian Federation of Construction and Building Contractors).

• Amending the articles of association of companies and reconciling their conditions, preparing contracts, side agreements, certificates and deeds of shares and bonds, general assemblies of shareholders, boards of directors, shareholder records, ownership and waiver books.

• Obtaining the necessary licenses for projects and companies and assisting in solving their problems with governmental and non-governmental agencies.

• Registering companies in Misr Clearing Company with the central registry and custodian and carrying out all necessary procedures for this, including coding shareholders and custodian contracts.
• Providing legal support for all corporate activities. Dissolution, liquidation, liability law claims and bankruptcy.
• Contracts, commercial concessions, agencies and licenses.
• Anti-monopoly laws, competition protection laws, anti-dumping laws, and countervailing and preventive measures.
• Issuing shares and registering on the stock exchange
تأسيس الشركات

Government services

• Conduct, follow up and implement customer claims, as well as all procedures before government agencies and all administrative departments.

Foreign investment

• Providing legal advice to foreign investors regarding the regulations followed in Egypt.
• Preparing foreign investment and participation contracts, whatever the law relating to them.
• Registering international companies, issuing the necessary licenses, and representing everything necessary before official and unofficial bodies in Egypt.

Maritime Law

• Preventing pollution resulting from ships
• Training and certification standards
• Regulations for preventing collisions at sea and international maritime traffic
• Loading marine search and rescue lines
• Maritime search and rescue
• Suppression of illegal acts directed against the safety of maritime navigation
• Suppression of illegal acts directed against the integrity of fixed installations located on the Neritic Zone
• Dealing with different types of maritime disputes including:
• Cargo vessel arrest, personal bodily injury and death, products liability, salvage claims, breach of contract or mortgages, insurance coverage, environmental damage, marine collisions, marine insurance disputes, consultations on marine matters including: marine financing and master service agreements

القانون البحري
الإستثمار الأجنبي
الخدمات الحكومية

Foreign Affairs & Consular Services

• The office has previous experience and legal representation of the Embassy of the United States of America in legal matters, especially educational institutions affiliated with the state, and the office represents them in legal and judicial affairs.

Intellectual property rights

• Electronic signature

• Geographical indications and undisclosed information

• Registration of industrial models and designs

• Registration of patents, trademarks, and all intellectual property works


• As a preventive measure for risks and improving the level of safety, we provide legal advice related to the following

• Compulsory insurance

• Engineering insurance
• Car insurance
• Compulsory insurance, such as property and transferred funds insurance
• Marine insurance, sea and air transport, insurance for intellectual property rights, and others.


حقوق الملكية الفكرية
شئون الأجانب والخدمات القنصلية

Handling and managing cases

• We conduct an integrated legal study on the client’s legal position, identifying strengths and weaknesses. We represent clients in conducting various cases before the courts of the State Council, the economic courts, and the criminal, cassation, and supreme constitutional courts.

• Since its establishment, the organization has been working to provide innovative legal solutions that help clients reach their goals in the shortest possible time, with the least effort and more affordable cost.

Partnership contracts

Between the public sector and the private sector

• Guarantee contract
• Construction, operation and transfer of ownership contract
• Construction, ownership, operation and transfer of ownership contract
• Construction, ownership and operation contract
• Construction/operation/renewal of concession
• Construction/leasing/financing
• Construction/rent/transfer
• Construction/transfer/operation
• Design/build/finance/operate
• Design/construction/management/financing
• Modernization/ownership/operation/transfer
• Renewal/ownership/operation
​مباشرة و إدارة القضايا
​عقود الشراكة بين القطاع العام والقطاع الخاص

Corporate management and governance

إدارة وحوكمة الشركات

Corporate governance means the rules, systems, and procedures that achieve the best protection and balance between the interests of the company’s managers, its shareholders, and other stakeholders associated with it.

• Services related to labor law

• Legal work

• Services related to social insurance law

• Tax services


Legal services

Our office will provide legal support to your esteemed company, including responding to all inquiries and legal consultations that arise from some circumstances during the company’s work and related to the interpretation or application of the law or decisions, so that the management’s work is consistent with the regulations and laws regulating its work.
Expressing an opinion on all potential risks that the company may be exposed to.
Preparing all contracts and agreements between the company and all parties that deal with it, as well as contracts with all government and private companies, to ensure their validity and safety from a legal standpoint and the legal impact that the company has of any commitment it makes towards others.
Holding regular and extraordinary general assemblies of the company and any amendments to the legal form or commercial register of the company.

Services related to social insurance law

Preparing social insurance forms C1, C6, C2, and C7 for new employees and sending them to the Social Insurance Office.
Preparing the medical examination form 111 for new employees.
Verifying the number of days of annual leave owed to each employee if he is entitled to 21-30 days based on the employee’s age and the number of years of social insurance.
Reviewing each employee’s insurance cases, job modifications, and solving problems with insurance periods.
Work to include the duration of the government sector with the private sector and register it.
Preparing and extracting all types of company certificates for all cars, making adjustments and transferring them from one office to another.
Opening insurance facilities for all new companies and providing insurance for new workers.
Submitting all pension cases - presenting them to the medical committee - and submitting work injuries until disbursement.
Working with all inspections of insurance offices and working to solve them.

Services related to labor law

Preparing the employment contract for new employees and extension contracts for current employees and obtaining employee signatures.
Creating files for new employees in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law.
Preparing and sending work stubs for new employees to the labor office.
Review the employment files of current employees to identify missing employment papers.
Preparing a report of all employee data.
Preparing a quarterly report for workers who need to renew contracts.
Follow up on employee vacations, calculate the remaining balance, and send a report to the client (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually according to the client’s request)
Preparing the required employee forms in accordance with the Egyptian Labor Law (such as a vacation sheet, a penalty sheet, a wage grading sheet, etc.)
Procedures for resigned employees.
Reviewing current applications of labor law requirements within the company and providing appropriate recommendations.
Documenting regulations in the competent authorities in accordance with the requirements of the Egyptian Labor Law.
Providing the client with all the latest developments and amendments in the Egyptian Labor Law.
Dealing with all Labor Office complaints and working on settling and resolving them.
Employees’ register, sanctions register, employees’ register with special needs, and foreign employees’ register.
Dealing and disposing of the proceeds of penalties related to employees.
Verifying the number of foreign employees and their status and making appropriate recommendations.
Monitoring the percentage of employees with special needs
Dealing with special funds (Emergency Relief Fund and Social, Health and Cultural Services Fund).

Daily support

We provide you with support and consulting services around the clock

Private consulting services

Subject to the terms and conditions that will be agreed upon

Tax services (optional)

• Submitting value-added declarations for each month after reviewing and verifying input and sales invoices

• Submitting work earnings declarations for each month after reviewing workers’ insurance and their net salaries after bonuses, incentives and penalties.

• Submitting deduction and addition tax returns, form 41, quarterly
• Submitting work earnings declarations quarterly
• Submitting income tax returns annually
• Second: - With regard to the matters of audit:
• Providing a weekly visit to the work team in order to audit the company’s accounts
• Conduct an inventory upon request to verify incoming and outgoing quantities and inventory count
• Third: With regard to accounting matters:
• Providing all financial consultations and feasibility studies regarding the branches
• Follow up with the company’s accountant and provide him with sufficient information to manage the company’s accounting file
• Fourth: With regard to procedures
• Making all amendments, regular and extraordinary assemblies, and approving the boards of directors
• Carrying out any procedures related to the company’s documents, whether tax or otherwise.
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