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About the office

Francis Law Firm

Twenty-five years of experience. We have more than one branch in Cairo and Alexandria. We specialize in law and legal work in general in civil and commercial cases, workers, personal status, maritime law, establishing companies of all kinds, as well as legalizing and selling state lands.
We have agreements with international law offices and a special department for certified translation.

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Francis Law Firm was established in Alexandria in 1997

By Mr. Nader Francis, a lawyer in cassation. It is an extension of the legal work of law offices that began their activities in Alexandria in the sixties of the last century... The institution is linked to legal partnerships with Egyptian and Arab universities and provides legal support. The institution works in:
Criminal cases, economic disputes, and international and regional arbitration

Among the most important services we provide:
• The service of establishing new companies and performing legal services for these companies, including incorporation procedures and everything related to legal issues related to this company through its legal agency.
• We provide legal assistance to individuals, whether Egyptians, foreigners, or commercial entities, to prove the legal establishment of their activities and help them choose the legal form of their companies appropriate for their activities in accordance with Egyptian law.
• We also have extensive experience in establishing companies in the fastest time, with the highest accuracy and efficiency.

• We provide a service for opening branches of foreign companies in Egypt, a service closely related to establishing companies. As mentioned previously, one of the most important factors for the success of companies is choosing the appropriate legal form for their activities and the size of their investments.

• The field of civil law and its branches

• Maritime law, issues of ship seizure and separation, and economic disputes
• Establishing companies, amending them, advising them, and providing ongoing legal advice to support the work of companies
• Supporting the formation of real estate development companies, establishing new urban communities, and drafting executive regulations for public and private companies and institutions. The institution has a long history in legalizing state lands, factory licenses, and everything related to foreign investment inside Egypt, facilitating the residence of foreigners, and also working to restore workers’ rights in collective and individual disputes.
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Why choose Francis Legal Works and Law Firm?

  • • Providing legal services on a global scale.
    • The institution has a wide network of international law offices and professional lawyers outside the Egyptian region. This network covers the global scope, and therefore there is no need to travel abroad to settle your disputes. We have lawyers fully prepared to serve you, whether at the local or international level.
    • Having a team of qualified specialists and academics
    • The institution is proud that the majority of the work team holds a doctorate in law. Most of them work as lecturers in major Egyptian universities in addition to their work in our institution
    • Follow the highest standards of integrity and quality.
    • The organization deals with the utmost honesty and integrity, follows the highest quality standards in providing its services, and we reject and oppose any illegal actions.
    • Continuous follow-up with our clients.
    • The institution works to communicate with its clients on a regular basis in order to inform them of the latest developments in their lawsuits and any other legal transactions. As we are keen to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.
    • Immediate response to our customers’ inquiries
    • We always work to provide an immediate response to our clients’ inquiries, given that we understand the urgent nature of their legal needs.

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