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Francis Law Firm

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Francis Law Firm

Serving companies, individuals, and financial institutions. Francis Law Firm provides all legal services to its clients from ministries, agencies, and governmental and non-governmental companies, gradually to institutions and individuals, in light of legal awareness and a vision supported by planning in order to achieve the desired goal of preserving, maintaining, and restoring rights to their owners, and providing this with diversity and professionalism.

We have extensive experience in establishing and managing legal companies with the highest accuracy and efficiency, including workers’ rights, labour law, social insurance, and tax affairs management.

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Nader Victor Francis

Lawyer at the Supreme Court of Cassation, Administrative and Constitutional Law

He worked as a consultant for a number of private institutions and companies, as well as a number of holding companies and government work for a period of time in the field of protecting state property.

The Firm has legal partnerships with Egyptian and Arab universities and provides legal support. The Firm works in the field of civil law and its branches, as well as maritime law, issues of seizure and dissolution of ships, economic disputes, establishing and amending companies, providing advice on them, and providing ongoing legal consultations to support the work of companies, as well as supporting the formation of real estate development companies. Establishing new urban communities and formulating executive regulations for public and private companies and institutions

Advisors and heads of departments in the institution

Mr. Mohamed Amer
Head of the Personal Status and Family Disputes Department
Lawyer of high appeal

Graduated from Alexandria Faculty of Law in 2008
Postgraduate studies in public law

Ms. Nermin Hassan Hilal, office coordinator and responsible for public relations and direct communication
Bachelor of Laws (French Language Department), Alexandria University, 2008

A lawyer accepted to plead before the courts of appeal and the administrative judiciary.
She holds a DELF B2 certificate for proficiency in the French language.
Assistant Head of the French Language Department, Faculty of Education, Alexandria University 2010-2012
Assistant Head of the Department of Culture at Senghor International University

Ms. Mai Asaad Lewis is responsible and head of the interpretation department.

She is a graduate of the German School and holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Italian Language Department
She is fluent in German, English and Italian
Worked for Vodafone, the international department in German.

Mr. Counselor / Dr. Mohamed Al-Homsani
Head of the Civil and Labor Law Department

Graduated from the Faculty of Law in 2003
Accepted to plead before the Supreme Court of Cassation, Constitutional and Administrative
He worked as a consultant for the State Property Protection Agency
He holds a diploma in public and private law
Doctorate in Law
Fellow of the French University of La Boetie and Fellow of the Copenhagen Academy

Counselor Mr. Adham Molokhiya

Head of the International Arbitration Department and commercial law

Graduated from Sorbonne University in 2014
He obtained a master's degree in international business law from Hong Kong University in China.
Mr. Adham then worked in a number of international law firms.

Counselor Mr. Sami William Nashed

Head of the International Contracts Drafting and Auditing Department

Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Alexandria University in 1998
He worked in management and as a contract auditor for Danish F-L-S companies and (Cement Plant Consultant) and (Orascom) companies.


Counselor Mr. Mohamed Talaat Ibrahim
Head of the Criminal Law Department at the firm
Bachelor of Laws 1999, Alexandria University

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Law 2000, Alexandria Faculty of Law

Postgraduate Diploma in Criminal Sciences 2001, Alexandria Faculty of Law
Master’s degree equivalency, 2001, Alexandria Faculty of Law
Lawyer at the Court of Cassation since 2019
He worked as a legal consultant
Carthage Real Estate and Tourism Development Company, a joint stock company
FIPCO Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Manufacturing Company, a joint stock company
Grantech Construction Company, a joint stock company
El-Arabia for Real Estate Investments company, a joint stock company


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